Why not Pulsar?

August 1, 2009

People who has already gone through my previous blog might have thought, why i am not recommending eclipse pulsar,because all the steps i mentioned are already included in Pulsar. My experiance with Pulsar wasn’t that smooth, i tried quite lot of time to setup my mobile IDE using pulsar, but failed miserably. The main problem was in installing the Nokia SDK via pulsar, which was first of all taking tripple the time than if i download via nokia site directly. after downloading via pulsar, it ws not installing properly. But thanks to the pulsar drive, in future developers like to get something like this.

Writing HelloWorld application for Mobile – Setup

July 21, 2009

To write the first helloworld application, its important to have a good set of tools and platforms. So i request you to download the following tools from the internet.

1. Standard Java Platform from here

2. Eclipse Galileo from here

3. Eclipse Mobile Tools from here or you can use this update site from Galileo here [ i recommend to use the update site]

4. Nokia S60 SDK, here

One Important thing, I am using windows XP as the operating system, i am not sure and not tried with Linux or Mac.

Mobile and Eclipse – A E71 Story

July 21, 2009

Its been long time since i was thinking of starting some activity in my old and favourate world, i.e. on Mobile. To boost this activity, i recently got a very expensive and interesting gift, Nokia E71, an amazing mobile device with anything and everything you need.  This has a screen size of 320×240 px and comes with WLAN and GPS, blah blah. After seeing this magnificent device, the mobile developer in me got ignited. But it wasn’t that easy to startoff with eclipse. I had to google a lot to find the right stuff and right direction. This is the reason why i thought of putting basics steps to be followed to write a simple helloworld application for mobile S60 platform. So upcoming post will have sections and steps to followed to do this activity, keep tuned friends.

Hello eclipse world!

July 13, 2009

Hello Eclipse Developers, Users and enthusiasts, its been a long while since i was thinking about scrbbling about eclipse and related topics. I am pretty new to this world, and trying to get acquaintance this world.  Downloaded the latest version eclipse and trying to write mobile application using MTJ and CDT. I was looking for an in-built shell within eclipse so that i dont need to switch to windows command prompt now and then, and found this wickedshell. Its very useful, check it out